Who Are Yer?


Together, Cardboard Citizens and Age Better in Sheffield have created a collaborative performance that has never been seen in Sheffield before!

Who Are Yer? has been created using the voices of people aged 50+. We’ll explore how Sheffield has changed, learn about different neighborhoods and communities, and hear stories about living and growing older in our Steel City.

Soon, you’ll be able to watch the performance online. Just watch this space.

We want to keep these conversations going.

What are your thoughts about growing older and living in Sheffield? Has the city changed? What’s your street like? What makes your proud to live here? Tell us a story about your Steel City.

You might be inspired by Who Are Yer? or the recordings below,  or you can share your own memories. Let us know on Twitter, or comment below! #WhoAreYer

The stories.

To whet your appetite, here’s a few snippets of the interviews that created Who Are Yer? The entire performance has been created using the voices people aged 50+ that have been interviewed by a team of Age Better in Sheffield volunteers.


Kathleen’s story – listen here.

“Well I married at 19 years old yeah, and they mostly were round that age group that got married during the war got married quite young you know and we were together until (er) Jill got Alzheimer’s and er I looked after him for 8 years and so we were together for er going on for 70 years really and he just died when I came in here. But (er) (pause) I, I don’t, we used to do more than we do now.”  

Nissar’s story – listen in full here.

“So my dream is, in the next 20 to 50 years, the education policies for all the major cities in the United Kingdom, integration is the key for the next generation. If an Asian person has (background noise) bought up from a certain area from primary school to secondary school in that area, he’s never interacted with any other people. He doesn’t have any skills for life when he goes out into work or to interact with other people. He’s not gonna have them skills. So that’s what I, if I was the mayor of Sheffield, would like to do. Say to the policy makers “you’re short sighted”.”

Share your thoughts and experiences about living and growing older in Sheffield.


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