Age Better in Sheffield’s Innovation Fund supports new projects that are inventive, exciting, and have never been seen before in Sheffield.

Age Better in Sheffield wants to make Sheffield a city that we can all be proud to grow older in. There’s lots of ways to get involved and to boost the wellbeing of yourself and others!

These new projects will help to create and grow local communities that are positive, connected and vibrant – especially for those aged 50 and over.

These projects will predominantly work in Firth Park ward, Woodhouse ward, Beauchief and Greenhill ward, and Burngreave ward.

  • Farming Comes To You by Heeley City Farm

    Farming Comes To You takes animals and activities out into the community.

    We’re engaging with people aged 50 and over that want to be more connected to their community, and want to be involved in a new adventure!

    We deliver small animal-assisted therapy days around Sheffield, visiting care homes, community halls, sheltered accommodation, outside GP surgeries… and more. We also arrange visits for people to come and visit us at Heeley City Farm.


  • Get in touch…

    We’re looking for people aged 50 and over to volunteer and help us deliver Farming Comes To You.

    We’re also looking for budding or experienced film-makers to volunteer to help us create and screen a film that celebrates Farming Comes To You.

    If you’d like to be involved, or have any ideas for places we could deliver the project, we’d love to hear from you.

    Contact Lee Pearse
    0114 250 5107


  • Together by Enrichment for the Elderly

    Together supports the family and friends of people who are now living in a care setting.

    Together explores how best we can support you, the visitor, to have a more enjoyable visit to a care setting, and to improve your confidence to share your knowledge and skills with others. We’ll encourage you to continue to be involved in the care of your family member/friend, and we’ll create opportunities for you to share joy, meet others, and gain a better understanding of conditions such as dementia.

    We will also be supporting people who are looking to make the big decision to move their person into a care home by demystifying the decision making process, and showing you how others have gone about the same thing.

  • Get in touch…

    Supporting someone in a care setting and want to get involved?
    Thinking about the future for the person you are currently supporting?
    Work in a care home and want to know more?

    Contact Grace Stead

  • Smart Phone Smart Friends by Lai Yin Association

    Smartphones and apps are brilliant at keeping you connected with local people, groups and events. They’re also great for keeping in touch with family and friends that live further away!

    Smart Phone Smart Friends works with Chinese older people to use their smartphones for socialising and maintaining good wellbeing.

    Training courses, peer support and home visits will primarily focus on developing skills in using WhatsApp, WeChat, Google and YouTube. Materials will be available in Chinese language.

  • Get in touch…

    Could you volunteer to run training sessions? We’re looking for volunteers of all ages to share their skills.

    Or, perhaps you’d like to improve your digital skills by taking part in a training session, or having someone visit you at home.

    Contact Ping Chen or Pauline Yau
    0114 258 9987

  • We Are Makers by Ignite Imaginations

    We Are Makers showcases and celebrates the wealth of skills, experience and knowledge in our city; discovering unheard stories, showing off forgotten skills, and developing new connections.

    The ordinary becomes extraordinary, and through a culmination of experiences we aim for local people aged 50 and over to be celebrated, inspired and more connected to their neighbours, community and local services.

    We host events to bring people together, celebrate the diversity of the community, showcase and signpost what is already happening in the area.

  • Get in touch…

    We’re looking for people aged 50 and over to volunteer to work with us to run these events.

    Contact Charlie Barnes
    0114 268 6813


  • Community Connectors by Aspiring Communities Together

    Our Community Connectors will deliver weekly sessions at the Fir Vale Centre and at the Stubbin Community Centre.

    The sessions are based on improving and maintaining health and wellbeing, and suggestions for other topics will be warmly welcomed!

    Community Connectors will be local familiar faces, and they have a brilliant knowledge of what’s going on where you live.

  • Get in touch…

    Do you have an excellent local knowledge of people, activities and support? We’re looking for volunteers to be Community Connectors.

    If you have ideas for weekly sessions, or would like to get involved, we’d love to hear from you.

    Contact Jackleen Abdurub
    0114 243 4340

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