Age Better Events

We want to commission a creative organisation to co-design and co-deliver a range of different events and activities that raise the profile of loneliness and isolation, and to showcase the range of different ways that people 50+ can take part in the Age Better in Sheffield programme.

Who we’re looking for:

We’re looking for an organisation or agency that:

  • Gives the brand a bit of the Wow factor – this commission will be the public facing lead for our Age Better in Sheffield marketing activity.
  • Has a proven ability in planning and managing events.
  • Is able to access places where people who are socially isolated would visit, such as supermarkets, pharmacies, post offices etc.
  • Has a clear focus on communities being better informed on the issue of social isolation & the impact this can have on anyone.
  • Embraces our approach to co-production and co-design the events with people aged 50+ who are intended to benefit from the programme.
  • Knows what’s happening in Sheffield and is able to link into existing events that are well attended.
  • Has the ability to market the events creatively and effectively.
  • Has good social and media links.
  • Has a creative approach to make events stand out and would stop someone in their tracks to have a look.
  • Has the capability to produce or commission materials in line with the Age Better brand to sufficient quality required by SYHA marketing team with little support.


Brilliant! Here’s what you need to get started:

  1. Tender Information Document
  2. Annex Document #1 (Live Love Laugh)
  3. Annex Document #2 (Brand Guidelines)
  4.                 And to help you put together a proposal, we’ve put together a list of clarification questions and answers about the project

Good luck!

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