Got a genuinely innovative idea to reduce isolation and loneliness in Sheffield?

The Age Better in Sheffield programme is underpinned by a ‘test and learn’ approach, and we’ve created the Innovation Fund to respond to this learning each year. The Innovation Fund invests in inventive and exciting ideas, which try out new ways to reduce isolation and loneliness in Sheffield.

Here are the projects we have chosen to invest in this year. Want to get involved? Just get in touch!


    Dementia is often associated with people at the later stages of life, but it can start much earlier. This project supports people (aged 50–64) who have dementia and their carers.

    You can do everything from having a chat with fellow carers over a pint, to making new friends and getting creative with film screenings and art classes. Everyone involved in the project is encouraged to share their thoughts on events and activities that interest and inspire them.


    …delivered by Sheffield Mencap, this project supports anyone aged 50+, who cares for someone with a learning disability, to extend their social networks and to improve their health and wellbeing.

    Want to get involved? If you’re an older carer, we can work with you to create and develop individualised plans of support to improve wellbeing, confidence and resilience.


    …organises group runs to help out community organisations and vulnerable people. They also run to visit isolated older people, who they refer to as their ‘coaches’ because they motivate them.

    Want to get involved? You can run in a pack to work on a project, or commit to visit an isolated older person every week. Sign up at

    “It’s a wonderful service.” Thomas, Coach


    …Age UK Sheffield transforms a local space into a safe and inviting place where older Muslim women can meet, share experiences, learn new skills and contribute to the local community.

    Want to get involved? We need local, female, community language speaking volunteers, who will help older women attend social events and excursions, to get to Khala’s Place, and to fulfil daily commitments, such as hospital appointments.


    …brings together people of all generations to think about and enjoy the benefits that walking brings, and ensure that all our streets are fit for walking.

    Want to get involved? We need older people to help evaluate the quality of local streets and spaces, and to have their say on how their streets are designed, managed and maintained.

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