Let’s make Sheffield a city we’re all proud to grow older in.

Crafted with local residents and organisations, the Age Better in Sheffield Neighbourhood Toolkit is completely unique to the area in which it’s delivered. Local people share their stories, thoughts, and experiences about what it’s like to live and grow older in their ward, and work with Age Better in Sheffield to create a toolkit to reduce isolation and loneliness in those aged 50 and over. Neighbourhood toolkits will be designed in four Sheffield wards (Burngreave, Beauchief and Greenhill, Firth Park, and Woodhouse) and delivered to 7,000 homes in that area.

The toolkit will….

– Engage with the most isolated and lonely individuals, by making them aware of the causes and impacts of isolation. It will also provide more information about the Age Better in Sheffield projects and support that help to alleviate feelings of loneliness.
– Provide tips and information on how neighbours can look out for people that they think are lonely, and what they can say or do to help.
– Let people know about the brilliant Age Better in Sheffield opportunities (as participants or volunteers) in the area, and how to get involved.
– Tell stories about what it’s like to grow older in the ward, and direct individuals to local services that might be of use, too!

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Our toolkits so far!

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