Toolkit #1

Burngreave ward

The Age Better Burngreave Toolkit – co-designed with people that live in the area – tells stories about individuals that live in Burngreave, discusses what it’s like to grow older in the area, and provides tips and advice on the steps everyone can take to reduce isolation and loneliness.


Sometimes the smallest actions can make the biggest difference. On every page of the toolkit there are Age Better toolkit assignments: they’re fun, easy steps that everybody can take to reduce loneliness in their community.

We’d like everyone in Sheffield to complete a toolkit assignment – send them to us

To get started in the creation of the toolkit, we had an event in the Vestry Hall on Saturday 19th March. We explored what it’s like to grow older in Burngreave, and listened to residents’ experiences of living there. This will help us identify exactly what the toolkit needs to do, and who it needs to speak to in Burngreave.


Here are a few images from the event, you can see more on our Facebook page. And here’s what people said about the event on Twitter.

The Burngreave Ward, which includes the Firvale, Burngreave and the Shirecliffe neighbourhoods, is the most diverse area of Sheffield.

62% of people who live there are from an ethnic minority background, the largest of which are of a Pakistani origin, with Somali and Yemenis also living in the ward. Research has shown that people from a minority background aged 50+ are more at risk of isolation.

If you’d like to find out more contact Hannah by calling 0114 2900 330 or by emailing

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