This page includes Age Better in Sheffield branded templates for posters and powerpoint presentations and logos to download for any other marketing needs (including the new branding for The National Lottery Community Fund and South Yorkshire Housing Association). You can also find each of the badge style logos for your project.

When you click either of the templates below they should automatically open in powerpoint. If you have any problems you can reach the marketing team on

Poster and powerpoint templates

  1. Age Better in Sheffield poster templates
  2. Age Better in Sheffield powerpoint template

When you choose any of the logos or project badges below they will open in another internet window or tab (probably with a black background). To be able to use these logos you need to download them to your computer. You can do this by right clicking, and then choosing ‘save as’. This will then save the logo wherever you choose on your computer and they will be ready to use.

Age Better in Sheffield logo
(version 1 colour, version 1 white)
(version 2 colour, version 2 colour)

The National Lottery Community Fund logo
(white background, transparent background)

South Yorkshire Housing Association logo
South Yorkshire Housing Association logo

Project badges:

  1. Better Journeys
  2. Wellbeing Practitioners 
  3. Sparks
  4. Age-friendly Sheffield
  5. A Better Life
  6. Live Better: Get Connected
  7. Start Up
  8. The Ripple Effect