Meet Stuart

Hear how our Wellbeing Practitioners project helped Stuart get his "mojo back again".

Wellbeing Practitioners, Sheffield Mind

Stuart has played the guitar in bands since he was 15 years old and is still a regular face on the Sheffield music scene at 61 years of age. He once played the Green Stage at Glastonbury and his love of books led to him studying an English degree as a mature student.

In 2017 Stuart found an Age Better in Sheffield leaflet in his local doctors’ surgery and got in touch with us. This is his story.

“A couple of years ago I had a very difficult time. I lost one of my closest friends to cancer and my marriage fell apart all within a few months. I had severe depression and it completely caught me out. I lost myself.

And then I started counselling with Joe through the Wellbeing Practitioners project.

Every week I picked a subject to unload and bit by bit I could feel that I was piecing myself back together again.

Being able to share your thoughts and bounce things off someone else who’s non-judgmental was such a help to me. They’re such good listeners here, really friendly people. I’ve learnt a huge amount from Joe – things like eye contact and listening skills. When the sessions ended I thought ‘I’m really going to miss this’ and so I started volunteering to help other people too.

I’m in three bands at the minute and I still meet up with the people I volunteered to help. We play chess on Fridays at the Wellbeing Centre in Sharrow, and we’ve been to the pictures. I’ve still got a little way to go yet, but things are so much more positive now. I’ve got my mojo back again.”