Neighbourhood Toolkits

Our Toolkits are crafted with local residents and organisations in wards across Sheffield, and then hand delivered through over 7,000 letter boxes to help tackle loneliness and isolation.

A quick overview

Since the beginning of the Age Better in Sheffield programme we’ve designed and delivered Neighbourhood Toolkits in three of our four target wards – Burngreave, Beauchief and Greenhill, and Firth Park. We start by meeting local people who share their stories, thoughts, and experiences about what it’s like to live and grow older in their ward. And then we work together to create a toolkit to reduce isolation and loneliness in those aged 50 and over. Once they’re printed and collated, we then deliver 7,000 Toolkits per ward, so that’s a whopping 21,000 delivered already!

So why Neighbourhood Toolkits?

We were first inspired to develop the idea of a Neighbourhood Toolkit when we learnt that a large majority of people that are lonely and isolated often don’t leave their homes, or come into contact with projects and services that can provide support. By posting something through letterboxes we’re able to reach those who are most lonely and isolated.

They aim to provide:

  • information about the Age Better in Sheffield projects and support that help to alleviate feelings of loneliness
  • tips on how neighbours can look out for people that they think are lonely, and what they can say or do to help
  • stories about what it’s like to grow older in the ward
  • directions on how to access to local services that might be of use, too!

But most importantly, we approach the toolkits with an attitude of ‘anything is possible’ – it’s all about designing and creating materials that will best fit the needs of the people living in our target wards.

Our next (and final!) Toolkit

…will be taking place in the Woodhouse Ward. We’d love to hear your thoughts and have you involved. For more information contact Hannah on or