Start Up

Have you got an idea for a project in your community that you’d love to bring to life? Start Up might just be able to help!

What to expect?

Start Up is an exciting opportunity to develop and set up an idea, project or group in your local community.

Thanks to the team at Ignite Imaginations, we’ve supported the development of dementia cafes, martial arts groups, and creative doodle classes – to name just a few!

These projects have been created by people aged 50 and older in Sheffield and help bring people together in exciting and creative ways.

Who is it for?

Start Up is for anyone across the city who is looking to take part in a new activity, or anyone who has an idea to develop one.

We can support you with funding, and even legal advice to help you realise your dream project, so do get in touch to let us know about your ideas.

We’re also looking for volunteers to become champions of the projects where you’ll be able to help spread the word across communities about the benefits of starting up your own group.

Get in touch

You can reach Luisa at Ignite Imaginations on:

0114 268 6813

To get a sense of what it’s like to take part in Start Up, have a watch of the video below.