Evaluation and learning reports

In this section you will find evaluation and learning reports on Age Better in Sheffield and the projects that have been commissioned through it.

Programme wide evaluation

CRESR Age Better in Sheffield Summary 2019

CRESR 2018 Evaluation of Age Better in Sheffield – Peer Research Report

CRESR 2019 Evaluation of Age Better in Sheffield – Interim assessment of impact


Coproduction within Age Better in Sheffield

Coproduction and partnership have been key themes throughout our programme. This is the first of a series of reports exploring what coproduction and partnership means to Age Better in Sheffield.

CRESR coproduction and partnership mapping report


Our projects

Together worked with the families of people living in residential care settings to support them to have better visiting experiences

Together end of project report

Intergenerational Skills Swap matched people under 50 with people over 50 in a skills-sharing befriending project.

Skills Swap End of Project Report

Smart Phone Smart Friends supported older people from the Chinese community to learn to use digital technology.

Smart Phone Smart Friends end of project report

We Are Makers explored the potential for creative activities to reduce loneliness and isolation in Burngreave and Firth Park.

We Are Makers end of project report

The relationship between mental health on loneliness and isolation was a clear theme throughout the Age Better in Sheffield coproduction, has been through the programme. Wellbeing Practitioners aims to reduce loneliness and isolation by providing therapy for people over 50. This poster shares some of the emerging impact and learning.

Wellbeing Practitioners Poster

A guide for Housing Associations

Ageing Better: Working with older people to reduce social isolation and loneliness