Learning resources

In this section you will find thematic learning digests and tools and resources developed by our projects.

Here at Age Better in Sheffield we’re always learning and a number of common themes and areas of interest have arisen over the course of the programme. We will be sharing our learning on these themes below.

If you would like to keep up to date with what we are learning, you can sign up to our learning newsletter by emailing us on agebettersheff@syha.co.uk.

Resources for care homes and families of people living in residential care

Going into care is a major change for older people and their families, and people living in residential care homes are increasingly recognised as being at high risk of loneliness. Families often find it difficult to know how what to talk about or how to get the best out of their visits. Our Together project delivered by Enrichment for the Elderly worked with people living in four care homes in Sheffield, their families and care home staff to help improve the social contact between families and their relatives living in care homes. Enrichment for the Elderly has worked with older people, their families and care homes to produce resources which will be used in care homes and have helpful pointers for others to learn from.

Together – learning for care homes

Together – handbook for Rosebank Care Home visitors

Learning digests

Our learning digests bring together our current learning on themes and are aimed at professionals and community organisations supporting older people who experience loneliness and isolation and commissioners. They aim to be short and practical in focus.

Reaching people who experience loneliness and isolation

Identifying, reaching out to and engaging with people who experience loneliness and isolation is the first step to helping people to be more connected. Here we share our learning and provide tips from Age Better in Sheffield projects and further afield.

Involving volunteers in Age Better in Sheffield

Involving volunteers in delivering services provides opportunities for peer support, coproduction and intergenerational activity. Here we share some of our learning from Age Better in Sheffield.

Keep Calm and Listen – answering the phone to people in a crisis

Our first contact with some of the people who are involved with our projects is when they are experiencing a mental health crisis. This digest shares some tips from Sheffield Mind about how to have a good conversation with someone in crisis.

Financial Inclusion Digest

Some people who experience loneliness and isolation also have financial difficulties, although the relationship between them isn’t a simple one. This digest shares our learning so far, including learning about how to make services inclusive for people experiencing financial hardship.