Meet the team

These individuals work together to ensure the Age Better in Sheffield programme is delivered as smoothly and successfully as possible. If you see them around Sheffield, say hello!

Victoria Stirling

Head of Partnerships

In her role as Head of Partnerships, Vic is responsible for overseeing the delivery of the programme and its budget. Vic also works closely with the Big Lottery Fund and the other Ageing Better areas on learning and evaluation.

Edyta Bancer

Programme Delivery Manager

As Programme Delivery Manager, Edyta's role is all around the operational aspects of the programme including contract meetings with delivery partners each quarter to go through quarterly reports, KPIs, learning, and any challenges or successes experienced as projects develop. Edyta is also the point of contact for anything contract related.

Ally Beal

Data and Analytics Coordinator

Ally supports delivery partners to use our client record management system which ensures that we can track and review the impact of the programme. Ally also creates the reports that are needed in order to monitor performance, and she submits our data to the national evaluators of Ageing Better.

Joanne Steel

Administration Assistant

As Administration Assistant for Age Better in Sheffield, Joanne is the person you can expect to hear from when you get in touch with us. Joanne also supports the needs of the wider Age Better team by producing data reports for delivery partners and core partners, processing referrals and being the point of contact for all data enquiries.

Hannah Thornton

Communications and Toolkit Officer

As Communications and Toolkit Officer, Hannah's role involves raising the profile of Age Better in Sheffield through social media, marketing materials, press related activity, website development, and support with events. Hannah also delivers the Age Better in Sheffield Neighbourhood Toolkits, which involves working with local people in communities to co-design materials to reduce loneliness and isolation. The unique toolkits are then delivered through everyone's letter boxes in target wards.

Imogen Parker

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

As Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Imogen works to boost the presence of Age Better in Sheffield by promoting the image and message of the programme. This involves working with partners, customers and volunteers to share their experiences and stories. As well as working on campaigns to raise awareness of isolation and encourage wellbeing among over 50s in Sheffield.

Gilli Cliff

Programme Coordinator

Gill is responsible for all things learning and evaluation related in our Programme. She works with all our delivery partners to ensure we can get the most learning possible out of our projects and she’s part of the National Age Better Programme Learning Leads group. Gilli enjoys producing our bi-weekly online learning gazette and also publishes blogs, themed learning digests and is responsible for organising events to share our learning with a wide audience.

Paul Woodhouse

Programme Coordinator

In his role as Programme Coordinator, Paul’s main focus is on the legacy of the programme, ensuring all our projects are making a difference and will continue doing so. He is therefore taking lead on our legacy project Age-Friendly City. Paul also works to ensure the smooth running of our projects, working closely with partners.

Vicky O'Donoghue

Senior Co-Production Lead

Vicky’s role is to facilitate co-production learning and best practice amongst the 14 Ageing Better partners through engagement with the programme areas.
Working closely with Ageing Better partners this role also focuses on capturing learning across all programme areas to support the legacy of Ageing Better (with a view to embedding future co-production and helping to sustain new and existing services).